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Created by Linda Cochran, May 31, 2006


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 You are a docent at a museum in charge of public relations and fundraising.  Your largest donor wants you to showcase to the public a sample of the art that is found in your museum.  Your job depends on how many donations are made after the public views your choices at a large fundraiser.  You need to tell the public about the great works of art that are in your museum.  Your job depends on it!




Create a PowerPoint presentation to show at the fundraiser. It must include basic information about your museum and visuals of the eight most famous works of art that are in your museum, along with your personal favorite art works from the collections.  





1.Pick a museum address from the "can".
2.Visit your museum on the Internet and explore the site.
3. Answer all the questions on worksheet number one "Museum Worksheet" using complete sentences.           
4.Create a 12 slide PowerPoint presentation using the directions provided on the PowerPoint Handout.
5. Present your PowerPoint to the class, defending your art choices.






Museum Worksheet: Each question is worth two points

60 pts.

PowerPoint (12 slides)  Each slide is worth 5 points.  (See Checklist)

23 pts.

Class Presentation (See Presentation Rubric)  




Complete the reflection worksheet.


Teacher Information

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Ohio Art Standards

Historical, Cultural and Social Contexts, Grade 7, Benchmark 5

Connections, Relationships and Applications, Grade 7, Benchmarks 2 & 4

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Standard 3, Technology for Productivity Applications
Standard 4, Technology and Communication Applications
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